Institute for Research and Evaluation

The Institute for Research and Evaluation in the ecclesiastic and social educational field, led by Prof. Dr. Dennis John, is a service center for social and church organizations, businesses, and educational institutions. It implements practice research and evaluation projects, advises on quality management and quality development, moderates self-evaluation processes, and provides academic and statistical guidance to pilot projects in practice. 

Research in practice and for practice 

Institute for Research and Evaluation in the ecclesiastic and social educational field, under the management of Prof. Dr. Joachim König, follows a special approach and is part of our University as a dependent institute

Practice research in our view encompasses all systematic approaches and concepts that describe and evaluate measures, programs, and institutions. Besides using objective measurement techniques for evaluation, when consulting or planning projects and investigations, we place a high value on the integration and strengthening of the self-evaluation competences of all participants. 

This is the reason why we always consider evaluation a chance to learn and develop - individually, for all participating experts, and as a whole for the institution. 

We support and advise institutions, organizations, and associations in the social and educational field, also in connection with
  • Realization of and guidance through certification processes
  • Moderation of organisational development processes
  • Consultation for and guidance of self-evaluation processes
  • External evaluation of projects, initiatives, and institutions
  • Advising and consulting for quality management processes
  • Academic supervision of pilot projects

The methodic basis of our institute is the mixed-method approach. That means that according to the requirements of each contracted study various qualitative and quantitative methods of empirical social research can be put into practice in different combinations.


Institut für Praxisforschung und Evaluation
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